Two special issues of journals were published following the conference.

Transition 113 (April 2014)


Bénédicte Ledent & Daria Tunca

“Negotiating Africa Now”
Madhu Krishnan

“The Path Between Two Points”
Julie Kleinman

“An Afropean Travel Narrative”
Johny Pitts

“The Newly Black Americans”
Louis Chude-Sokei

Chika Unigwe

“Some Connection with the Place”
Jackie Kay interviewed by Petra Tournay-Theodotou

Research in African Literatures 46.4 (Winter 2015)


Introduction – “The Power of a Singular Story: Narrating Africa and Its Diasporas”
Daria Tunca & Bénédicte Ledent

“What is Africa to me now?”
Caryl Phillips

“What is Africa to me now? The Sweet, the Bitter...”
Karen King-Aribisala

“Writing Africa in Belgium, Europe”
Chika Unigwe interviewed by Elisabeth Bekers

“‘The African Presence in Caribbean Literature’ Revisited: Recovering the Politics of Imagined Co-Belonging 1930-2005”
Alison Donnell

“Africa as Voices and Vibes: Musical Routes in Toni Morrison’s Margaret Garner and Desdemona
Serena Guarracino

“Zombies Go to Toronto: Zombifying Shame in Nalo Hopkinson’s Brown Girl in the Ring
Rebecca Romdhani

“In Search of a ‘Grammar for Black’: Africa and Africans in Lawrence Hill’s Works”
Pilar Cuder Domínguez

“Re-Configuring the African Diaspora in Dinaw Mengestu’s The Beautiful Things That Heaven Bears
Bénédicte Ledent

“Dissociation, Spirit Possession and the Languages of Trauma in Some Recent African-British Novels”
Dave Gunning

“The Great Change and the Great Book: Nnedi Okorafor’s Postcolonial, Post-Apocalyptic Africa and the Promise of Black Speculative Fiction”
Joshua Yu Burnett

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