Sounding the Depths:
Water as Metaphor in North American Literature

Editors: Gayle Wurst and Christine Raguet-Bouvart
222 pages
ISBN 2-87233-021-6
€ 30


  • Preface
  • Gayle Wurst and Christine Raguet-Bouvart: Introduction
  • One: Rewriting and Rereading Canonical Texts
  • Alessandro Portelli: The Republican Element: Water Imagery and Democratic Ideology in the Age of Melville
  • Leona Toker: Maule’s Well and Its Metaphoric Echoes in Hawthorne’s The House of the Seven Gables
  • Ellen Pifer: The River and Its Current: Literary and Collective Memory in Toni Morrison’s Beloved
  • Bruce Michelson: Huck’s River: The Strange Life of an American Symbol
  • Two: Discovering New Narrative Grounds
  • David Rogers: The Perversity of Water: William Faulkner and the Aesthetics of Modernism
  • Barbara Schubeler-Jillson: The Cruise of the Vanadis Mirrorred in the Works of Edith Wharton
  • Cecil Brown: ‘The Lash, the Fire, and the Depthless Water’: James Baldwin’s Use of the ‘Coming Through’ Ritual in Go Tell It on the Mountain
  • Three: Reinterpreting Myths
  • James I. Deutsch: Diving in Primordial Waters: Motif and Metaphor in a Native American Creation Myth
  • Francesca Orestano: Ordeal by Water: Neal, Melville and Hawthorne between Ancient Law and Classical Myth
  • Gayle Wurst: ‘The clearest thing I own’: Metaphor, Myth and Identity in Sylvia Plath’s ‘OCEAN 1212-w’
  • Bernadette Rigal-Cellard: Pebbles and Lakes, Floods and Beads: Chippewa Water Metaphors in Louise Erdrich’s Tracks and Love Medicine
  • Four: Imaginary Spaces
  • Arno Heller: Water as Symbol of Psychic Regeneration: James Dickey’s Deliverance and Margaret Atwood’s Surfacing
  • Françoise Clary: ‘The Waters of My Heart’: Myth and Belonging in Jean Toomer’s Cane
  • Christine Raguet-Bouvart: That Intangible Island of Entranced Time: Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita
  • Notes on Contributors

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